Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Has Begun!

Dan and I both have officially started new hobbies. As of yesterday, I finished off what I am calling my practice pretzel and started my first real knit project!

Practice Pretzel
The practice pretzel

2011-09-29 (Knit) Knit Scarf 1
The official project!

I think(/hope) that this will be really pretty when it is done. So far I love the cuddly look and the great color change.

Of course, I allowed myself to start my knit project because my faux-weave wrap is finished!

2011-09-29 Completed
2011-09-29 Completed

I love it lots - the colors are bright without being too obnoxious and the hole-y material blocks just enough chill that it will be perfect when I am cool but don't need something cuddly to wear. Yay!

In other, hobby-related news, Dan has officially started his new hobby of beer brewing. Today all his on-order things (thermostat, big pot, etc) arrived so he got a yeast starter going tonight.

The yeast

Making a Yeast Starter
Starting the Yeast Starter

Bringing to a Boil

So lots of hobby-making going on in the house now.

Also going on in the house is a hopefully healing Happy cat. She's still got a big hole in her but the inflammation is less and she seems more upset about being in the room without her people than she does about having an open wound. Of course, the pain medication might have something to do with that, too. Hopefully she won't make anal sac ruptures her new hobby.