Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I forgot about these while they were blocking, but I remembered them today so I pulled them out of the back room and can now make it official: I have finished my mittens!


I now have two sets - one slightly larger set of more neutral colors...

Set 1

...and one slightly smaller set with green.

Set 2

(I say smaller, but both sets fit my hand fine so you can't really tell the size difference unless you lay one on top of the other.)

Currently, I'm working on what was going to be a simple sock for my laptop but has evolved into a potentially complex and challenging (but hopefully super-cool) project. This is the start of it:


The current plan is to make two of these entrelac panels, put a ribbed border around them, then seam them together (potentially with some piping if I can figure out the best way to do it) and create a (hopefully) nifty, structured slip case for my laptop. It'll be a bit of a challenge, I think, but nothing too complex, just a good opportunity to learn some new knitting techniques.

After that, I've got a hat for Dan (still waiting on some of the yarn for that though), some color work fingerless mittens for myself (which I have the yarn for but I think it will be a big project so I want to wait on this to get a few other things out of the way first) and a pillow for my chair in the living room. I'm trying to be good and only have one project going at a time but I might have to rethink that depending on when I get Dan's hat yarn since I want to make sure he has that before January. We shall see how it goes!