Friday, March 11, 2011

Sick = Cuddle-wear

I've been feeling unwell for what feels like years now, which means I haven't been the most productive member of society. But I have been crocheting a fair amount since it's easy to do when not feeling all that great. And apparently when I crochet while sick, I end up making cuddly things.

Like legwarmers (something I totally blame my SIL for).

And Done!

And a shrug to cuddle in.



And slightly less cuddly from a personal perspective but still the result of crocheting while not-quite-dead, a tea cozy.

Crocheted Teapot Cozy

Crocheted Teapot Cozy

I've also officially restarted my cable afghan project which I'm fairly close to being finished with, I think.

In Process - Loop-n-Lace Mile-a-Minute

The pattern calls for six panels but I've got four done already and am about a third of the way through the fifth one and dude, the afghan is huge. And heavy. It's going to be awesome but I have no idea what do to with it. Texas is only cold enough to use something so cuddly for like two weeks out of the year. I don't know. We'll see what happens.

Oh, and I almost forgot. This one doesn't constitute as cuddly, but I did also make what I have dubbed the Kitty Tribble.

Kitty Tribble

It's still soaking in catnip to make it (hopefully) irresistible. When I get my energy up, I'll corral all the kitty toys and swap them out for freshly catnipped ones, including the tribble. Hopefully it will be a success.


  1. OMG, and what do your dim-witted in-laws do but decide to drop in on you when you're sick!!!?! I'm sorry for our stupid timing, dearest DIL, but FIL kind of throws a dart at a calendar and says,"let's take vacation THEN!" And we miss you tremendously. You definitely don't have to entertain us, but you do have to keep breathing, that's entertainment enough for us, we are after all from the midwest! Love you so, don't get stressed, we expect nothing but the breathing thing, Love, Claudia

  2. You are so talented! the legwarmers are adorable, the shrug hangs so well on you! great fit!! and the tea cozy looks totally elegant!

    and looking at your blanket makes me want to go somewhere snowy. oh wait, it's snowing today in STL. :)

  3. Claudia, No worries - this last round of antibiotics made me feel normal so I'm all ready for y'all's trip!

    Leah, And yay! Glad you like my goodies. And I can't believe it was snowing in STL! BRR!