Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Productivity!

Apparently finishing off the boy coasters has spurred on more crochet productivity! I've recently finished up a mini-trivet...

It's about 5"x5.5" so perfect for things that want to make sweat rings on my tablecloth during dinner

...a pot holder (via the Magic Square method, something I wanted to try out)...

Magic Square Potholder
It's double thickness and about 6" square and pretty much a delightful little potholder and quick enough to make that I'm sure I'll make more

...and a pincushion.

African Flower Pincushion
Because I liked the motif and was tired of digging through one of four little containers to get the right needle or pin

Alright, so it's nothing especially exciting (including the photos, but at least this post made me take better pictures of the projects than what I had taken previously) but I feel quite productive getting them all done and wanted to share.

Yay for little crochet projects!


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