Saturday, February 4, 2012


I finally finished my seemingly-cursed-from-the-start colorwork fingerless gloves!

Completed Colorwork Gloves
Colorwork Gloves

I think they turned out pretty nice!

I did finally have to give up on attempting to do the colorwork two-handed. Holding both yarns in my right hand was much happier. MUCH. Because of the issues I had with them (not just tension issues, I had major issues casting on for two at once knitting and I also ended up breaking a pair of needles on this project and the first replacement arrived in the mail broken, too), I wasn't really feeling the love before I blocked them. The stitches were uneven, they were kind of stiff and felt restrictive. But blocking them helped a bit with the uneven stitches and turned the yarn soft and supple so they are tons more comfy.

I'm still not one hundred percent thrilled with the yarn - the colorful yarn is super fuzzy so it looks like the dye bled a little (though it didn't because that look goes away if I brush the fuzz around) and the quality of the knitting could be better but hey, it was a learning project so I'm not too upset with it. But at least after doing this I feel confident enough that I can successfully knit a colorwork hat that I want to make. It has llamas on it!

(If you want to read way too much information on the issues I had with these gloves, check out the notes on my Ravelry project. Oh the drama!)

Next up: gloves for Dan! (They are his birthday present. Which kinda sucks for him cause today is his birthday and I'm hoping to cast on for them tonight... though it might be tomorrow.)


  1. did you take that picture of your hand palms up, thumbs together? Just wondering. :)

  2. Plus - they are really pretty! Good job. (sorry, distracted by the wondering earlier..)

  3. Hehe, thank you! They were nice and toasty this morning during my out-and-about-ing. And Dan took the picture with me facing him and my hands over my head against the door (for a white background). Or else I put them on backwards that day. One or the other. :)

  4. Either way - both are funny! :)