Saturday, July 14, 2012

Missing Pieces

Gidget and Bitty are back from the dentist, doped up and either happily (Gidget) or grumpily (Bitty) stoned.

Of course, I don't blame Bitty for being grumpy - she had a lot of work done. Of course, I don't blame Gidget for being happy, either - they are on the good stuff! But it's well deserved. Gidget only had two teeth removed. Bitty, on the other hand...

Bitty's Dental Report

See all those X's? Those are the teeth that she had removed today. (The O's indicate missing teeth.)

That's right, she had ten extractions. Ten! Poor kitty - she was already missing nine teeth and cats only start out with something like 30 teeth. She's got only eleven left now, most of which are the tiny little teeth in the front of her mouth.

See, no wonder she's grumpy, even in her stoned state.

Gidgie had a much easier time with her two extractions (added to her previously missing nine teeth) so the pain meds are doing a lot better killing all of her pain. She's a pretty happy camper right now!

Hopefully we'll be able to say the same about Bitty in a day or two. Poor kitty!


  1. Oh my!!! Poor babies... How come they needed all those teeth removed? Were they rotting or causing pain? Will Bitty still be able to eat hard food?

    1. Yeah, the teeth were bad. Gidget's weren't as bad - just a couple unhealthy teeth - but Bitty has resorptive lesions all over the place which basically means that her gums were basically trying to eat her teeth. I have to believe that it hurt like crazy, especially for Bitty. So many bad teeth!

      And since Cocoa is completely toothless and has no issues with hard food, these two shouldn't have any problems. Apparently cats don't really use their teeth to chew their kibble if it is small enough. (Which makes sense since the kibble they vomit up always tends to be whole....)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, poor Bitty! I just looked in her mouth this morning and she basically has no teeth. Just most of the tiny front ones and two canines, both on her right side. (Her tongue now licks crooked.) But she seems to be feeling back to normal, so yay! Better than I would have done with that many extractions, I'm sure!