Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Shearing

While my knitting has been winter-focused, I did do something more summer appropriate yesterday: I got a hair cut.


My hair was down past mid-back - easily the longest it has ever been (even an inch or two longer than the longest I had it in high school). Dan guesstimates that I chopped off somewhere between nine to twelve inches.

I am beyond thrilled. I hadn't noticed until it was all gone how heavy my hair was. I knew that I would get a headache if I wore my hair up all day but I didn't realize the weight of it when it was down. And oh my, was it fabulous last night to be able to turn over in bed and not have to worry about wrenching my neck when my hair got caught under my back!

Yay shearing season!

(And yes, I have a lot of gray. Dan has already helpfully pointed that out.)


  1. You are beautiful as always, and whop that boy upside the head if he has a need to point out things that one would rather not have pointed out. He really hates that, so he might get a clue as to how others feel when reminded they have "highlights." MIL

    1. Nah, if he stopped commenting on my grays, I'd have to stop commenting on his out of politeness and it's just too much fun. While my grays are bright white and stand out, his are darker (and his hair color lighter) so his blend but he has more gray hair than I do - which I love pointing out to him!