Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Under Construction

I'm sort of in between knitting projects at the moment. I finished up my socks for the year and have my first pair of 2015 picked out, but I'm taking a little break from sock knitting for now (mostly because I don't want to mess up my nice round number of completed socks for the year). But I can't just not knit. So I've been doing some quick, random projects.

Yesterday was an uninspired kitty toy since I had previously promised Olive that I'd make her one. So far, Cocoa has been the only one to play with it, but she was enthusiastic in her biting and bunny-kicking, so I can't be upset about that.

I thought about making another kitty toy today but honestly, in the way of all cats, my cats are the type to prefer to sleep in the box instead of the expensive cat bed that came in it. So no kitty toy today. Well, except for the pattern I picked is supposed to be a kitty toy.

Construction Cone

This one is mine though! Or Dan's. His desk is pretty messy; it might need to marked as a construction zone.

Instead of stuffing this with fiberfil, as directed by the pattern, I used some plastic canvas sheets. After all, it isn't to be a kitty toy so it doesn't need to be soft. Naturally, this means the kitties will most likely try to destroy it. But until then, I have a construction cone that is reinforced and sturdy, ready to denote any area in which caution should be taken!