Thursday, June 18, 2015

They Make Me Smile

I love ridiculous knitting projects. Though most of the ridiculous things that I knit end up being not so strong on the functional side of things. (I mean really, what sort of function does a knitted guinea pig have? Other than to be ridiculously awesome? None.)

However with my latest project, I think I have a lovely balance of ridiculous and functional. Shorts!


I'm wearing them now and they are so fabulously comfortable - and cute! But you can't say that hand knit shorts aren't a little ridiculous. Which, honestly, point in their favor.

I'm totally gonna make more. Because they are awesome! Their awesomeness has also encouraged me to think of knit pants. And maybe underwear. (Yes, there are patterns for that. No joke.)

Before I do all that, though, I'm (unsurprisingly) going to knit another pair of socks. Well, hopefully. I'm not too far into them right now.

MadTosh in Peacock

You may notice that "not too far into them" actually equates to "haven't actually started them". But I've wound the yarn and picked the needles so actual knitting isn't too far away!


  1. They turned out really cute!

  2. You have me curious. Those do look comfortable. Did you use a pattern? I might make at least one pair for myself.

    1. They are completely fabulous and crazy comfortable! I did use a pattern (and is remarkably well-written and easy to follow) - Assets of Evo. My Ravelry project is here and it is linked to the pattern. Highly recommend it - it even has a crotch gusset! Seriously a great pattern.

    2. Thank you so much! I've logged onto Ravelry and have added it to my queue. We are friends there, OpalT.

      I can't work on it immediately. I wish I could; however, I promised my daughter that I would knit her a summer hat.She's requested a knitted beanie. She lives in this cute owl hat that I had made her about three or four years ago. I think I'll sew a few for her also.

      This is my newest site. It's almost exclusively about the crafts I love.

    3. It took me a bit but I finally realized who you were - the new site name threw me off! :D

      I really want to make a second pair of shorts like right now because they are so awesome but yeah, so many things on my 'to knit' list in front of them! And I'm one of those folks that can't really do more than one project at a time so I have to be patient. Boo! :)