Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm So Ridiculous

While Dan & I were on vacation last month, Emmett managed to break two of my tea mugs. (I have video evidence that proves it was him. I'm just not blaming him because he's the biggest troublemaker. Proof!) Specifically, the two I used almost every day. In a fit of ridiculousness, I went and designed myself a new yarn-related tea mug as a replacement.

I'm using it today and it is delightful! Appropriately enough, I am using it while I knit some socks!


  1. Do you use loose leaf tea or tea bags? and what is your favorite tea? I am always curious of peoples choices in tea. :)

    1. Loose leaf all the way baby! Yesterday I was drinking Verdant's Laoshan Black, which is one of my top three teas, but my ultimate favorite is Keemun Hao Ya A. My preferred version is offered by Tea Palace, but I'm currently out and since shipping from the UK isn't super cheap, I tend to delay repurchasing when I have other nummy teas. Mostly though, if you give me a Chinese black, I'm pretty happy!

      How about you? Big tea fan? What do you tend to sip?

  2. Oh dear, my grandson! Well, it's a guy thing, you know? Love the mug, loved the pictures from Vogel. Love you two and your folks and my grandkitties to pieces, MIL