Sunday, March 6, 2016


Here's our shiny new thing!

Shiny New Shiny New

Little bit of a learning curve, as with all new things. Used to our old fridge, we cranked the cold up on this one and ended up freezing some produce. Oops. (It didn't help that our fridge thermometers are apparently shot.) But after having it for a week, I think we are getting to know the new refrigerator pretty well. So far, we both are really happy with it!

Also, I picked out my birthday present while were refrigerator shopped: a new stove. It's awesome in that it can be used as either a big oven or two smaller ovens (I want a double oven so badly) but yeah, it's $1500. So maybe I'll get it for my 40th birthday! After buying a whole cow and a new refrigerator, I'm not sure if we will forget the financial pain of February by the time July rolls around.

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