Monday, July 18, 2011

Crochet-work Orange

I like crocheting. And I like my husband. I suppose it isn't surprising that I like crocheting things for my husband. In the past day or two, I've finished a couple of Dan-requested projects so I thought I'd share them. They've helped me realized that Dan like orange like I like pink.

First up, Dan wanted a doily for his bedside table. He also wanted me to make him something orange and black. So he picked out this pattern and ta-da:


That's Dan's new bedside orange and black doily.

Also, I can't remember if Dan requested a shower scrubbie or if I told him I'd make him one (I think option two) but we settled this (very cute) scrubbie:

Adapted Carp Tawashi

This one is actually my second go at converting the pattern to fit his soap bar. The first one was cute but a little too big and, honestly, I had a lot of fun making it so I was just looking for an excuse to make another one and "improve" it.

First fishie (left) and second fish (right) are here:

Carp Tawashi  Adapted Carp Tawashi

I have a fair amount of the orange and white from the fishies (that yarn was part of the massive savings last weekend) and I have another 15-ish grams of the doily thread, so I imagine I'll be making some more orange goodies in Dan's future.

Go orange!


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