Friday, July 15, 2011

I Saved SO Much Money!

If you are reading this and are also someone that actually knows me, you might know that I was planning on taking knitting lessons this month. Well, sadly that was cancelled but they didn't tell me why. Now I know: the store is closing.

It's pretty sad because I just discovered the store in the past few months and they are awesome - lots of fun (and yeah, expensive) yarns. But now they are going away. Boo.

Of course, this means going out of business sales. Yesterday I got an email that everything was 50-75% off so I decided to reward myself after a long day of housework (seriously, scrubbing on hands and knees deserves a reward) by going to check out the goodies. Dan, having another comp day, accompanied me.

Dan is an enabler. A big giant dirty enabler.

I Saved So Much Money!

That's my yarn haul. It's slightly over six pounds. That's right. I bought more yarn than Bitty weighs.

Naturally, if you "saved" that same amount of money buying 100% acrylic yarns, I'm pretty sure you could buy a Sam's worth, if not more. But if it gives you any idea of the truly lovely things I got, most of those are wool. Or wool and cotton. Or wool and alpaca. That pile of gray in the top left corner? Wool, angora and silk. (It normally goes for $20 a skein. I got four.)

Mind you, I have no idea what I'm going to do with most of this stuff. (The orange and off-white wool will be made into a fish scrubby for Dan. The green-ish stuff on the right will be a new mat for Ashes.) But I will say that typically, yarn goes a bit further with knitting than crochet. So even without my yarn store around, I am going to learn to knit because I want to stretch these lovelies as far as I can!

Berroco Peruvia Colors   Rooster Almerino DK   Louisa Harding Thistle   Nazli Gelin Garden   Shepherd's Shades   Shepherd's Shades
Noro Kureyon Sock  Noro Kochoran
Artyarns Cottonspring Eurobaby Sweetness Fiesta Baby Boom Evilla Longad Eurobaby Sweetness

Is it insane? Yes. But it sure is fun!


  1. I'm so looking forward to using it all! Mind you, I don't know exactly how I'm going to use it all right now, but I'll figure that part out eventually!