Friday, October 7, 2011

Ack! Frustrating!

My knit loopy scarf is blocking today (official pictures coming post-blocking) so I thought I'd start another knit project. This one is a little drawstring bag which, honestly, I'm not all that interested in but it is the second project in my book and I figured I'd be able to learn to use double-pointed needles and do increases and decreases (as the pattern has both).

Augh! It's so frustrating! I'm okay with the double-pointed needles. They are a little awkward but I think overall I'm doing okay with them and I'm sure things will get better the more I use them.

2011-10-07 Progress

So I'm calling the DPN bit of the project a decent success. But OMG at the increases and decreases!

I have done the two troublesome rounds twice, once coming up with not enough stitches and the next time coming up with too many. Finally, I just decided to rip back the entire project because ripping out just a few rows in knit is a lot harder than it is in crochet and, having done it once, I feel no need to earn that merit badge right now. So yeah, that picture above? Technically that project no longer exists.

I do plan on picking it back up and restarting it, but I have to figure out that increase and decrease thing. Honestly, my book looks all helpful and stuff at first but when you get down to it, not so much. So after much research (God bless the interwebs), I was able to successfully do the two troublesome rows when working flat with crappy yarn. Hopefully that will translate when (sometime this weekend) I give the project another go.

Fingers crossed! Cause gotta say, while I really like the loopy scarf and that success made me all "Yay knitting!", ripping back knit makes me miss crochet. So much easier to frog.


  1. Frog is also a term used in outside plant telephony to explain not using the proper cable pair when going through a bad section of cable in either buried or aerial plant ie going from Blue/white to red/orange through the bad section and back to blue/white on the other side. seems kinda similar... having a make do that ain't right but it works

  2. Well, for crochet and knit, frogging is when you have to "rip it". (Rip it... ribbit... frog... ha!) But it is interesting to know that the word is in telephony, too. I wonder how many other topics can frog!