Sunday, October 9, 2011

Finished Product!

I forgot about my loopy scarf as it was blocking (I had to put it in the back room since Bitty kept trying to steal it... apparently wet wool and angora smells tasty to kitties) but I remembered it today and went to check on it...

It's all finished!

2011-10-08 Complete

We had a cold front move in this weekend but, of course, it's "cold" as in the mid-60s, not quite scarf level cold. I imagine it will be at least another month, if not two, before I can wear this scarf for more than just pictures. But that's a good thing actually because it gives me time to make a hat! And mittens!

(In other knitting news, I am up to the troublesome rounds in the drawstring bag. Last night I put in a lifeline just in case I had to frog and surprise! I somehow had put in an extra stitch. I found the problem and fixed it (though there is a bit of a hole which hopefully will adjust a bit when I block the bag) but I honestly have pretty much no idea how I managed to cause the extra stitch in the first place. Oops.)

(Oh, and in non-knitting news, Dan's still sick which is a bit of a shock as we are going on 48 hours now. I made him some chicken soup though, so that plus his natural awesome immune system should put him back to normal soon.)