Sunday, June 24, 2012

Delayed Pretty

A few posts ago I mentioned that one of the reasons for my blog-related quietness was 1) that I lead a boring life but also 2) that I had been knitting some things that I couldn't post about because they were gifts. I mentioned the shawl I made for my mom's birthday but didn't have a picture of it in use (just of it being knit and of it blocking, neither which I thought pretty enough to share). But my mom sent me some camera phone pictures of her wearing it to church this morning, so now I have something to post!

Look at the pretty!


If you want a staggering amount of non-important information related to the actual knitting of this lovely little wonder shawl, you can check out my Ravelry project for it. Otherwise, just know that the yarn is actually this clown-red that I overdyed with tea to calm it down (it's actually the same yarn I used to make my dad's crawfish, but the crawfish was not overdyed and thus retained it's brightness). I didn't do the tea soak until I had already finished knitting it (since I knew I wanted to use some of the originally bright yarn for said crawfish) and until it was all soaked and blocked, I was mentally scrambling to figure out what I could give my mom for her birthday because there was no way the shawl was going to be nice enough to give as a gift.

Thankfully, I think it ended up turning out nicely! Which is almost a little disappointing because the shawl is this light whisper of a thing that feels so soft and squishy but is nicely warm... I could have given it a good home if I had ruined it!

Oh well, guess that just means I have to make something similar for myself!