Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gah! I'm Addicted!

So bad news. Our pool currently has a leak in it. I know! It's so sad! This past week hasn't been the best for sunning weather-wise, but today is perfect for it. But without our little pool, it's much too hot. So I'm stuck inside, feeling fidgety (and doing laundry). No worries though, a new pool body is already on order. But I'm not necessarily the most patient person out there, you know?

Speaking of which, Dan and I are currently doing some tightening of the budgetary belt so we can work on saving up a downpayment (of roughly 50%) for our next house. Oh, don't worry - it's a more long-term plan so don't think that we'll be asking to borrow a truck or for help packing stuff up, at least not any time soon. But it does mean is that I have picked out my favorite-est needles ever in the whole wide world... AND I HAVEN'T BOUGHT THEM YET.

Y'all, I'm such a preoccupied dork about these needles that I've actually dreamed about the beasties. Twice.

And what do you suppose I've been doing to entertain myself on this non-pool-able day? Yes, I've been surfing the HiyaHiya website. Sigh. Which means, yes, I have a massive list of things I want from them now. Not just the SHARP 4" interchangeables small set, but the 4" regular interchangeables, too (both sets). And oh, don't all those smaller-sized DPNs look enticing? Ack, and those cute accessory cases! And they have 9" circular needles! AHHH!

Seriously, I need my pool back up and running just so I don't try to spend our grocery money on knitting needles. I'm obsessed!


  1. Oh how sad about the pool!!! I can't wait until it's back up and running for you. It's your oasis!!! :)

    1. I know! But the new body has already shipping though tracking hadn't updated an expected delivery date as of last night. Hopefully it'll be soon!