Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finally! Some Good News!

Bitty had a vet appointment yesterday because we discovered a lump in her back Wednesday night. Both Happy and Chloe have had similar lumps that turned out to be fat lumps, but they still had to be surgically removed and biopsied before we were sure they were safe. So I figured, best case scenario, Bitty's lump would be the same thing.


But the best case scenario was even better than that! Turns out the lump is a sebaceous cyst, basically a pimple-like bump that will fill back up if popped. They can be surgically removed but it isn't necessary unless it becomes uncomfortable or aesthetically unpleasant.

So yay! Good news, finally! I hope this means that the difficult weeks (months) we've been having are turning around. But even if they aren't, I'm happy the Bitty lump isn't a bad thing!

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