Monday, August 13, 2012

Update of Nothingness

It's been a while since I've updated but that stems from having nothing all too exciting to post about. Mostly it's been a dental-themed few weeks with Gidget having some pain issues related to her tooth extractions (she's got another appointment Wednesday to see what else might be causing the problem since grinding the tip of the tooth that was poking into her extraction site didn't seem to fix it) and Happy having to get a cavity filled during her last teeth cleaning. Oh, did I mention that Happy also had tonsillitis? No wonder her breath smelled so bad!

In other dental news, I was supposed to go to the dentist Friday for a cleaning but had to cancel because I accidentally poisoned myself with corn (we think, at least) and felt wretched. Non-tooth related, my joints have been unhappy in my hands lately which has decreased my knitting time. I'm still making good (though slightly slower) progress on my cotton tank top though - I've got almost seven inches of stockinette done! (The pattern calls for 10" but I think I'm going to do closer to 12" so it is a bit longer. We shall see how it goes.) Knitting actually seems to help my hands feel better (have I mentioned before how much I adore my needles?) but sometimes it is hard to want to pick it up when everything aches so. I'm 34 and I'm falling apart!

Oh well. Hopefully the kitties will stay in one piece!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the aches and pains. Hopefully you and the kitties will be feeling better soon.

    I remember feeling run down when I was about 36. I had lots of tests done by doctor and a few specialist too. It was a frustrating time (for myself)since I ate healthy, mainly whole foods, I exercised, kept the stress at a minimum, etc., Before that time, I rarely got sick. The doctors couldn't help, but changing my eating habits once again made a big difference. I now eat a high amount of raw foods.

    Oh by the way, after seeing your fried okra post, I made some for my daughter. It had been years since I'd made any. She loved it!

    1. Health and I have never been on the greatest terms, but I've happily been doing lots better in recent years! Still have a bit to go though! :) I eat much better now (since I have to avoid corn) but I could still totally increase on the exercise and minimal stress thing.

      And yay for fried okra! I'm glad she enjoyed it! Everyone should love okra - it's delicious!