Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vet Visit

Crazy big vet visit today - 5 kitties went! It was originally supposed to be four, but things happened.

Here's the news on everyone:
Cocoa: Healthy but about a pound overweight (she's 14lbs).
Chloe: Some mild dental disease so she needs a cleaning but the lump in her neck that we saw the vet for turned out to be a sebaceous cyst so yay!
Emmett: Just had a booster shot but he managed to climb up behind the moving exam table (the one they use for big dogs) and wedge himself between it and the wall. He's special.
Happy: Even with the supplement she's been taking, her potassium levels are still low. They are going to see if there is anything else they can really do or if this is just how her renal disease will go.
Gidget: She wasn't originally supposed to go to the vet today, but when she hopped up on the counter for brushing this morning, I saw that her back end had exploded. This has happened to Happy before so as much as it freaks me out (cause it looks icky) I kind of feel that this is old hat. She's been cleaned out and gotten an antibiotic and is now in the cone of shame. Other than looking silly or icky (depending on which end you are viewing from) she's in good spirits.

As for the two that didn't go:
Bitty: She's not 100% on board with the new kitties yet, but then she talks smack under normal circumstances so it's not that different from normal. She's not overly thrilled when Olive tries to chase her, though. Still a lovey, grumpy girl (that has a meow like she smokes three packs a day).
Olive: Still a tiny bit people shy, she's making great strides. She even cuddled with Dan in his chair for almost half of The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers (which is a really long movie) so I'm a bit jealous of that but hope it's the start of the cuddle-Olive.

And there we go. Kitty updates! Hopefully we won't have any more vet trips for a while. Our kitties are worth it, but dang are they expensive!


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