Thursday, November 21, 2013

Knitting Updates

I have officially stalled on all of my knitting. I have three projects going and I just haven't been working on any of them. I've been tired lately so I tend to just want to curl up and read instead of knitting (or doing housework). But I'm determined to get more sleep so hopefully that will help.

One of my outstanding projects, I have no reason to have incomplete. It's just a freaking dishcloth. I frogged an old dishcloth because it wasn't square and that bothered me the more I washed it (since I couldn't stretch it square as easily). I'm using that yarn to make another on-the-bias dishcloth since I really like those. It's a project that should only take a few hours of actual knitting. But when it just sits there for ages? It takes much longer.

My second project is my tentacles must-be-seamed sweater. Since I blocked it, it no longer looks like something that will one day be a striped octopus. Instead, it looks impending-sweater-ish. But it's just been sitting there, ready to be put together. Staring at me. Making me feel guilty. For weeks. Sigh.

But today I actually pulled myself away from random reading in order to knit! Or, in this case, seam. Yes, today I started putting the sweater together. Currently, I have the shoulder seams done connecting the front and back pieces and one arm seamed at the shoulder and on one side. It's taking a lot longer than I anticipated but it's looking pretty good! Hopefully I can get the seaming done in the next day or two (maybe even today if there is a hockey game tonight) and then work on the hems and button band.

My last neglected knitting project is a pair of socks for Dan.

Sock In Training

Well, currently it is really just "sock for Dan" as I only have one started. It's getting pretty close to done so that's exciting. I have a little over an inch of the leg done so I need at least another four in pattern and then ribbing. And then a whole other sock.

So yeah, as exciting as my progress on that is, even finishing the sock will only get me half way through the project. Of course, I won't get to that point until I actually work on the current sock, but details, details! Dan totally deserves another pair of hand knit socks so I'm gonna get them done! I'm thinking they might be his Christmas present - much longer than a pair of socks should actually take but at least they won't take as long as my sweater. (Please don't let those be famous last words!)


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