Friday, March 29, 2013

Still No Buttons

Per USPS tracking, my sweater's buttons are theoretically somewhere between Maine and here. Or else they are still in Maine. Waiting. Just like me.

So I've made more dishcloths.

The Results of Waiting

And yes, those are in addition to the ones I have already made. Plus another one that isn't as attractively photographed so I'm not posting it here.

Anyway, I've basically killed off all of my stash of kitchen-worthy cotton (I have other cotton yarns but they are much too lovely for using for a dishcloth or potholder). So my waiting has been productive, at least. Because now I have more room for pretty things.

Which is good. Because next month is the DFW Fiber Fest. Oh yeah. I've checked out the vendor list and I've already given myself permission to blow my month's discretionary budget so I'm gonna need the room.

But for now, I WANT BUTTONS!


  1. Have you considered that the green & yellow one would look great with my yellow one? :)

    1. Haha! But it matches my kitchen! Looks like we're gonna have to fight for it! :D