Friday, March 1, 2013

So Many Beards Were Seen

Look! It's a post about a non-knitting happening! Yeah, I've been very knitting-focused lately but that's because I've been knitting a lot. But while there was some knitting yesterday, that was not the big thing. (Also, a preemptive apology for the horrible quality of the media in this post. Gotta love cell phones!)

Last night, Dan and I went out to the hipster section of Dallas and eventing occurred! First, we went to Bolsa. It's a non-huge and fairly casual restaurant but the food... They have a limited and rotating menu and their ingredients are organic and local and all that other hippie goodness. I had quail over braised collards and mashed sweet potatoes and OMG, I must learn how to cook collards like that. (Of course, my entire entree was wonderful but the collards were mind-blowing. Please note I'm saying that about collards so that should give you an indication of the yum of this place.) Dan had a beet mushroom risotto that was just perfect and dessert included a magazine-worthy walnut pear tart. Totally delicious and definitely somewhere we want to go again. But that wasn't the coolest thing.

After dinner, Dan and I went to the Kessler.

The Kessler

It's this small but neat old theatre that's been turned into, basically, a listening room. Which is why we went there, because our favorite artist, Mike Doughty, was performing.

Mike Doughty

It was an awesome show. It did start a little late because Mike was involved in a car accident on his way to the theatre. Apparently there was a mattress set on the highway and he hit it, then got rear ended. So I can't imagine he was feeling all that great during the show but you totally couldn't tell. Seriously awesome. And this is coming from someone that doesn't really enjoy live music when I know the songs. So yeah, thumbs up all around.

If you aren't familiar with Mike Doughty, seriously go check him out. (Also, he's of the mindset that it helps artists to have people listening to their music, no matter how they acquired that music so feel free to go hunt down some of his stuff.) His covers of The Gambler and Take Me Home, Country Roads are awesome as is I Just Want The Girl In The Blue Dress To Keep On Dancing, 27 Jennifers, (You Should Be) Doubly (Gratified), Na Na Nothing... and a ton of other stuff. Go! Listen!

ETA: Hey, Dan found a write up about the show last night! (And yep, he did have quite the mouth on him!)


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