Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My socks are now all dried and blocked and I tried them on....


OMG, they are fantastic. I loved them before but I more than love them now. They are fantastic! I want to make socks for everyone now so they can feel the awesomeness of handknit socks! AH! I'm in love!


  1. Gosh you're super-fast knitting now! My mother could pick up a few tips from you. She's been getting stuck and therefore slow on her projects lately, and since she's been knitting a lot of baby/toddler clothes the last few years... A few cousins of mine apparently breeding like rabbits. Yeah, there's one set that will probably be taken to the charity shop now and one other set which she says really needs delivering SOON before that's too small as well. I'd thought about commisioning a couple of jumpers with her (we have a deal where she knits and I pay for the materials), but my place in the queue is rather far off at the moment. :p


    1. I don't know how fast I am, I just knit a LOT this past week and a half. I kept track of it and it was 34 hours. I don't think I want to track how long projects take anymore - I don't want to know when it takes so much time!

      That's a pretty good deal with your mom. Well, aside from the waiting but I understand how that is, especially with rabbit-like breeding. Hehe! Maybe she should just save the too-small ones for the next one that pops out. It'd be a shame to give a charity shop something she took so long to make.