Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Can't Decide!

Success! My first pair of socks are done!


Well, okay, not done done as technically I am still in the process of blocking them. But they will dry without any more input from me, which means that while my socks aren't 100% wearable yet, they will arrive at that state through no action of my own. Thus my part is done.

I'm rather pleased with them - they fit wonderfully (or at least did before the blocking, so fingers crossed on that perhaps) and they are rather ridiculous, which always seems to increase the pleasure I take in a knitted finished product. Of course, we are heading into spring so my timing could have been better for knitting wool socks, but then Texas doesn't have an especially long knitwear season so meh.

But now I have a problem: I wasn't mentally prepared to finish my socks for another day or two - the end of the project kind of snuck up on me. (How something that took approximately 34 hours to accomplish can be sneaky I have no idea but there we are.) So I now find myself at a loss of what to knit next. I had previously targeted another cardigan, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for a big project quite yet. Part of me wants to make another pair of socks but I haven't hit on quite the right pair. So I'm floundering. And stalking patterns on Ravelry.

Maybe I'll pretend I'm still working on my socks and just watch them dry.


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