Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feet Mittens

Check out what I'm making now: socks!

Future Socks

Or rather, they will be socks. At least, if I do everything correctly, they should be socks.

This is my first pair of socks and so far they are going swimmingly! I might have knit through three movies today. Just maybe. The pattern is a bit addictive.

And isn't the yarn delightful? I'm enjoying watching the colors as they come up. I'm knitting one sock from each end of the yarn cake so they won't match exactly, but honestly, I don't know if identical matches would be possible with this yarn. (It's Schoppel-Wolle Wunderkleckse, if you are interested, a lovely gift from my in-laws last year.) I look forward to seeing how the colors develop on these! Honestly, I anticipated these being less colorful based on how the yarn looked in the ball, but I'm really grooving on the great, vibrant colors.

I was worried when I started these that they would be a bit too small for my calves (which apparently are thicker than normal based on my zip-up boot buying history) but after some great Ravelry advice, I decided to make the calf part of the socks with a slightly larger needle. And it worked! They feel like they are going to be perfectly sized. Exciting!

Here's hoping I'll be able to say the same thing once I get to the heel and foot!


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