Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Am Deaf

Last night, Dan and I went out to House of Blues Dallas to see Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown. (My favorite songs are Last One Leaving, Lipstick Wonder Woman, Big Time and My Radio if you want to have a listen.)

HOB Dallas

It was quite a bit different from our outing to the Kessler a couple of weeks ago. Standing room only, for one thing, and I'm pretty sure there was a high school field trip there too. But the main difference was the volume. The Kessler wasn't exactly quiet, but OMG, last night was loud. My ears felt stuffy for a good two hours afterwards.

Tyler Bryant

The music and the band were both good (well, the opening act had a few not-good moments but excluding those few songs) and I enjoyed listening. But it did bring up the problem I have with live music - I don't know what to do. I liked listening and enjoyed the music, but live music just tends to not occupy my mind enough and I get distracted and a bit fidgety. (It's the same reason I can't listen to audiobooks except when driving (or sometimes knitting). Any other time and my mind starts wandering and I realize I haven't heard anything. If I am doing something else (driving), my mind is occupied and I can actually listen.) Last night wasn't like that the whole night, but after about 45 minutes or so, I wished I had brought my knitting.

Yes, I am posting about a concert saying it was too loud and I wish I had brought my knitting. I realize this means that I am old. (But don't worry, the high school contingent at the concert last night had already clued me in to that fact.)


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