Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Dead, Jim

Sunday I started felting a pair of slippers I made for Dan. They were going a little slower than I wanted, so I figured I'd drain the old water and add in some new hotter water. I put the washer on the spin cycle to get rid of the old water and it started to do its thing. Then a weird chunking sound started and, long story short, now my washer does nothing but hum.

Sunday went from a nice, lazy day to "Let's go shopping!" and now I am getting a new washer dryer set delivered on Saturday. Yay!

I've never owned a new washer (or dryer) before, much less a matching washer dryer set. The washer that just died on us was a hand-me-down we got before we even got married - and we've been married 12 years!

With that being the standard I was used to, pretty much anything would have been an upgrade. But you know us. We like nice things. So the washer I'm getting is kind of stupidly advanced. It can even download washing programs from an NFC-enabled phone. Ridiculous, right? Yes. It is. Of course, my phone doesn't have NFC, so that capability isn't something I will really worry about (once I borrow Dan's phone to download the hand wash wool cycle to it). But if this washer lasts near as long as our last one did, I'm sure I'll eventually learn to use all its bells and whistles.

First step: learning how to felt in a front loading machine so I can finish Dan's slippers!


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