Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Did Things

Even with last week to work on my sweater, I didn't finish it. Mostly because I did not work on it. Instead, I made a housewarming present.

Housewarming Present

My parents have officially moved in to their new house. With all the homes they've lived in throughout the years, this is the only one they have actually built. That plus the fact that mom really appreciated the potholder I made her a while back, I decided I'd get some cotton yarn and make kitchen things for them.

Three hundred grams of cotton yarn goes a surprisingly long way.

Kitchen Goodies

In three days, I ended up making two potholders (the first time I've crocheted in ages!), two potholder mitts (horrible to make but seriously the most useful kitchen item ever), a scrubby and a dishrag.

All that working with cotton yarn at a tight gauge was not fun but I'm quite pleased with the end product(s). And they were very well received, so yay! Don't think I'll be doing much in cotton for the near future though. Not until the memory of this experience has dulled!


  1. We do love them! I have to clamp my mouth shut every time Wayne uses them to not caution him about messing them up (yes, I remember they belong to him also). They work so perfectly color-wise and utility-wise! I did tell you we love them, right? :) mom

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy them - and let Dad use them, too! Hehe!