Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's a Knitting Miracle!

I'm almost done with my striped cardigan, but I hit a point early last week where it was evident I would need more teal yarn to properly finish it. (I try to be so careful when it comes to figuring out how much yarn I'll need for a sweater, but it seems like almost every sweater I make, I end up needing more yarn. What's up with that?)

Now, I bought this teal yarn three years ago at a store in Fort Worth. I checked with the store on the off chance they still had some and no. So I knew I'd have to go elsewhere and end up getting yarn in a different dye lot. Which, okay, not ideal but I figured out I could rip back my sweater a tad to incorporate the new dye lot so the difference wouldn't be too jarring. It'd be extra work, but I could deal. So I ordered two new balls of teal from a place in Wyoming.

I got the yarn in on Friday evening and y'all. It's the same dye lot. Three years later and several states away and I managed to get perfectly matching yarn.

I'm still kinda amazed.


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