Monday, March 23, 2015

Almost Anniversary

I'm only days away from my one year anniversary of my celiac diagnosis. Yay? Call me crazy, but I'm not exactly going to bust out the streamers for the celebration.

I did, however, mark the occasion by getting my bloodwork done again and good news! My acute and chronic celiac numbers are now in the normal range! This means my condition "appears to be in excellent control" (per my doctor). At my six-month check up, my IgA (the acute measurement) was three, which is the highest number you can have and still be negative. Now, it is two! And my IgG (the chronic measurement) was a 12 (with anything over five being positive). Now it is a whopping four! Yay!

Of course, that begs the question of why I'm having frequent swelling and pain in two of my joints. So that'll be something I mention when I'm actually in the office for a check up later this week. I've been planning to schedule something with my regular doctor, too, so if we need to hunt down something non-celiac causing the problem, we can do that as well.

And more good blood test news, I'm finally firmly in the "normal" range for RBC so no more anemia! Yay!

And yay again for a normal IgG and IgA!


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