Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sick Time Activities

Every time I'm sick, I seem to re-learn that I should not knit while foggy headed. This time has been no different.

I've been working on Dan's socks which shouldn't normally be a problem as they are completely vanilla knitting. Pretty brainless. But even vanilla socks have heels. Yesterday, I managed to pick up the wrong yarn three quarters of the way through a heel and ended up finishing the heel on the front side of the sock. Yeah, that's not where it goes.

Half Socks

Fortunately, I figured out something was wrong on the last row of the heel and it was a relatively easy fix, but it was still enough to cause my cold-fuzzy head massive confusion. Seriously, when I'm on cold medicine I am not responsible enough to knit more than plain stockinette.

Now both heels have been completed (on the proper side of the sock, even) so I'm back to safe, boring stockinette. Thank goodness. Hopefully I won't have problems counting rounds, though. I'd hate for the socks to end up different lengths.


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