Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Adventures in Allergies

For the past two years, we've been battling Olive's increasing attempts to scratch off her lip. The vet has come to the conclusion that it's allergy-related but we couldn't find enough of a pattern to make any specific connections. So last week, we took her to a specialist to get allergy tested.

Turns out, she is allergic to many things. Specially, grasses (june, timothy and bahia), molds (penicillin and aspergillus), weeds (marshelder, careless, sage, Russian thistle, English plantain), trees (elm, oak and boxelder), as well as staph, fleas, and house dust mites.


So yesterday, we started a new thing. Allergy shots.

Adventures in Allergies

The dermatologist says that it will take anywhere from three months to a year for the results to show, but from now until forever Dan and I will be giving Olive allergy shots every other week (though the first eight weeks she gets weekly shots). Hopefully this will allow Olive to retain her lip!


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