Sunday, May 6, 2012

I've Been Knighted

I am now the proud owner of a chain mail glove!

Never Again!

Awesome, isn't it?

But what brought on the purchase? So glad you asked.


I put lots of gauze on my finger, thus the glove.

Okay, okay. The gauze isn't the reason. It's what is under the gauze.

Cut into the Nail Bed

Don't worry, it feels a lot worse than it looks.

Early last week, I was slicing an onion when the knife slipped and... Yeah. I ended up cutting through most of my ring finger fingernail and into the nail bed as well as to the side of my nail. There was a lot of blood. That's why the massive gauze in the first picture (taken the day after the cut happened) - it took a while for the blood to stop flowing and it oozed a lot after that so I needed to keep some fairly decent pressure on it.

In the bottom picture, taken about four days after the oops, you can see a white line across the nail right above the cuticle. That's the cut. It really doesn't look that bad, but oh my god, it does not feel good. I still can't straighten my finger all the way out without it feeling like someone is trying to rip my fingernail off. But as of today, I am able to use the finger to type - it feels uncomfortable but no longer painful - so improvement is slowly happening.

Yeah, bad cut. Thus Dan bought me a chain mail glove which will withstand knife blades, meaning I won't do this to myself again. I've use it already (when I made the butter bean curry) and it's lovely! The metal does feel a little slippery but I adjusted to that pretty quickly and it was so nice (and comforting) to use that it was pretty wonderful (because, yeah, I'll admit, I'm a little nervous when cutting things now). While I was grating the garlic and ginger was when I officially fell in love with it. I didn't have to worry about my knuckles getting grated too! It was so awesome! Seriously, if you are ever worried about knife cuts, get your own stainless steel mesh glove!

And with that, I must stop typing because my finger is complaining. By the way, I'm taking bets as to whether or not I'll lose the nail. Feel free to chime in with your vote!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes indeed! But the glove works wonderfully, as I proved tonight when I tried to skewer my hand while slicing a tomato. Go glove!