Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Non-Knitting Updates

I thought I'd add a little blog-related updating that isn't knitting related since I've been so focused on needles issues lately. So here it is!

First off, my finger.


It looks painful, yes? Yes. Well, it isn't nearly as painful as it was. I still have some movements (fully extending my finger, putting too much weight on my hand) that make me feel like the fingernail is being pulled off with pliers, but for the most part I think the cut on the nail bed has healed. So at this point, it's really about just letting the nail grow out. And use my metal mesh glove when I am cutting things!

My garden-growing is doing well, too. Sadly, I don't have a recent picture. Well, relatively recent, that is. I have a picture from last week but so many of the plants have really grown since then, it doesn't feel right to post that picture now. My butterbeans are particularly huge now. (They also seem to like raising their leaves vertically so that every so often, they look like they have their arms thrown up in surprise... Not really sure what that's all about but it makes me giggle.) Oh, and my okra plants have two 'ittle bitty okra growing on it! The peppers have even bloomed, too, so hopefully I will have some baby peppers showing up soon. My squash are happy-looking but no blooms yet, my zucchini is growing nicely (but it still small) and most of my tomatoes have put off at least one bloom.

We also have finally gotten our pool up! The weather hasn't been fully cooperative for constant pool days, but I get at least two or three days a week to get out there and get some sun roasting in. My shoulders are a bit warm as I type, in fact, because today was one of those delightfully sunny days. It's wonderful!

In addition to averaging a couple of sunny pool days a week, I'm also averaging about one butterfly rescue from the pool a day.

Butterfly Friend

There are a lot of butterfly friends around our yard and it seems that they occasionally decide to go swimming. It's not a good idea. I end up fishing them out, letting them hang out on my hand until they are dry enough (and warm enough) to be able to stick to our apple tree or pomegranate bush, then I transfer them over and let them dry their wings out. Surprisingly, all but one of the butterflies I've pull out of the pool have still been alive and all but one of those seems to have made a recovery. So yay! It's Baywatch for butterflies in my back yard.

Speaking of butterflies, Dan and I went to visit my parents for Mother's Day Sunday and they have a lot of wildflowers still blooming and even more butterflies! I took a nice handful of pictures which I need to go through and post. Hopefully, I got some pretty ones in there.

And I think that's about it right now. I'm sure there have been other things going on but nothing too exciting (not like what I have posted is actually exciting, but anyway) so I can't recall it right now. But I'm okay with an uneventful life because things are going pretty well so I can't complain!


  1. The cosmetics lady at work tore her fingernail back into the quick, and she used fingernail glue to keep all pieces together until the boo-boo grew out. You might consider this to protect your "slice of life" so it doesn't separate or tear. Love, MIL

    1. Yeah, I've been using Super Glue (the pic was taken in between applications) so the split doesn't grow even more! Just put some new on today, in fact (the pool is kind of tough on it).