Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Garden is My Daily Squee

It's so exciting out in my garden now. Things are growing! Okay, basically it is just the tomatoes, but the squash are efforting mightily so I anticipate some sort of future showing there.

First off, my 'maters.

Baby Romas

Romas! I have two more growing on another plant and another on the third Roma plant. Very exciting! And fun they are so oddly shaped. That makes me happy. (I think it has to do with always pulling for the underdog. I hope this means I won't become so attached to them that I will be sad when the time comes to eat them.)

Baby Marglobe

The baby Marglobe is getting bigger! Now it's the size of one of those large marbles. Shooters? Anyway, so far this one is the only thing to show between the two Marglobe plants I have. But that's okay because the Rutgers is doing nothing so at least the non-producing Marglobe doesn't have to feel bad about itself. Yet.

Honestly, I feel like a bit of a dork saying this, but I have no idea how long it will take before these hard green things turn into edible red things. When I asked my garden-guru parents, they started asking me things like how big the tomatoes were it would produce and what color they would be. I have no idea. So yeah, this whole tomato thing is a surprise from start to finish.

Let's look at my squash!

Squash Blossom (and Friend)

Well, squash bloom actually. No squash yet. I think all of the blooms to date have been boy flowers. Which has lead Dan and I to speculate if we perhaps purchased gay squash. Which would be problematic in that I'm pretty sure gay squash would not be able to naturally reproduce. Which means we would have pretty flowers. For a few hours every morning. And that's it.

Hopefully we will get some girl flowers in there soon. The flowers are pretty but they close up as soon as the sun gets too hot which, given this is Texas, is about 10:30am. The butterflies sure do enjoy them before them, though. This weekend I've only been out in my yard in the afternoon when it is nice and hot (we've hit over 100° already) and I've been sad because my yard has seemed so lonely and butterfly-less. This morning, though, I learned that that is not the case. The butterflies are simply morning bugs who siesta in the hot part of the day. They were out in force this morning when I went out at nine. Frisky, too. A couple tried to fly up my shorts.

And take a gander at who was on my okra cage this morning!

Okra Sentry

I've seen him before! Actually, this is about the fourth time I've seen him (her?), always near the okra. I'm growing kind of attached. At least I know I won't have to eat him.


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