Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dental News

Just a quick update on the Saga of Gidget's Teeth. We went to the dentist yesterday since Gidget had begun pawing violently at her mouth (again).

We have a few options open to us. Right now we have an experimental gel (though the dentist said she wouldn't add Gidget to the study) that is chlorophyll-based to hopefully help with the pain and inflammation in Gidget's gums. If her problem is immune-based, this could help. If, however, she has stomatitis (which is what Cocoa had that cause us to remove all of her teeth), it might not help and we have to take more x-rays to see what teeth are having issues. (But, per the dentist, it takes six months for dental damage to be viewable by radiograph so we could have up to four more months to wait before her teeth show up as damaged since her last x-ray was two months ago.)

In the mean time, it's been difficult getting Gidget to eat and she's lost some weight, so we are currently trying to tempt her with lots of canned food. Nothing has hit big yet, but I have found she loves beef-flavored Pill Pockets. So I'm augmenting her diet with lots of those.

We have a dentist-directive to call next week to see if the gel has helped. Her problem is fairly cyclical though, so even if she's okay next week, I'm not going to hold my breath that she's all better until she can go two to three weeks without pawing. But still, fingers are crossed!


  1. My fingers are crossed for the lovely fluffy kitty :( Such a sweet girl, I hope a solution is found!!! Also glad there is at least one goodie that she likes! She sooo cute...

    1. I'm hopeful for a solution, too! And soon! :( She's still pawing, even with using the green gel. So tomorrow or so, I'll give the dentist a call and we'll get started on whatever the next step is.