Saturday, September 8, 2012


Just a bit of an update on my shoulder tendonitis/bursitis issues.

As of yesterday, I have been slingless for one full week. One week in the sling helped marvelously, so this past week has been spent trying not to overdo things and regaining full motion to my shoulder. I have had to spend some short times back in the sling when things just hurt too much, but overall it's gone quite well. I think I've pretty much (finally!) gotten full range of motion back, though I'm still having issues with how much pressure/weight I can apply/lift with my right arm. Hopefully that can be resolved in a few more days.

Fingers crossed!

In other news, Dan's making more beer. This weekend he's making another pumpkin beer and next weekend he's going to make an orange honey wheat beer especially for me! Yay!


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