Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Made Something!

A couple of days ago, I finished my OMG-this-is-taking-so-long-why-isn't-it-finished-yet project! Yay! I made a bathmat to put down for post-shower wet feet.

Ten Stitch Blanket

It's nothing amazing, but I like it and it works great! Which means I can get rid of the green one I had in there that didn't match anything.

Of course, I've got about five other projects I'm dying to do (and even have the yarn for), but naturally I was derailed when I saw a pattern for this pair of slippers. While I'm sure my cold feet had something to do with it (I just decided to start wearing socks again yesterday), I kind of fell in love with the obnoxiousness of the slippers themselves. So I'm making some.

Slipper One

Oddly enough, it looks like I'm using the same colors as the pattern, but that's not exactly true. The pattern calls for a bright pink and a yellow; I'm using a muted pink with a orange sherbet-y color. It doesn't help that, for some reason, my camera has issues with getting red/pink/orange just right when taken under the yellow fluorescents.

Anyway, I'm on the foot of slipper two, then I just have to do the cuff on both of them. I hope to have warm feet in about a week! (Though honestly, these are wool slippers so they might be a bit too warm for my feet for a few more months. We shall see! But I don't really make things to have them... I make things just to make them - and I'm having fun learning how to make these!)


  1. how cute!!! they look very norwegian ;D love 'em!

    1. Yay! Thanks! And good eye - they are from the book Scandinavian Slippers and Socks. I'm working on the cuffs now and they are quite the PITA. But when I try them on, they look super fun and dorky, so I think I love them, even with the frustration they've caused.

  2. you are right about the pita. I'm making these right now, have lots of experience, and think the book could have been better written and organized. Love the product though!