Monday, December 10, 2012

Grand Turk

Oops! I got a little distracted with a combo of housewife-ing and knitting and have let my picture culling slide. No more! I have Grand Turk done!

Grand Turk

I've seen things that said Grand Turk has the best beach(es) in the world. I could easily be convinced of this. However our visit was relatively beach-free as we hit Grand Turk on one of the few rainy days in the year.

Dan and I still had a great time walking around, though. There wasn't much to downtown but once we started meandering towards the beach, things became really interesting.

Grand Turk

Plus, wildlife! You know how I like that!




I told Dan that I was a little torn about Grand Turk. Of all the places we went, it was probably my favorite and the one I'd most like to return to (with St. Martin being second) but, at the same time, it's the only one that I didn't feel all that safe.

Still, I'd like the opportunity to go back and explore more. I mean, how can you say no to this?

Grand Turk

Oh, and want to know how classy Grand Turk is? So classy that when Dan went in a convenience store to buy a local beer (Grand Turk Ginger Beer), the cashier put it in a paper bag, popped the cap off and handed it to Dan.


Yep, that's apparently standard operating procedure for booze and Grand Turk. (The ginger beer was pretty tasty, too.)

I think of all the places we went, Grand Turk ended up giving the prettiest pictures. It resulted in several of my favorite shots from the trip, including this one:

Sea Fan


  1. Wish Reta and I had walked Governors Beach, sorry we missed it.


    1. Actually, Dan and I didn't make it quite to Governor's Beach either. Looking at the map, it's actually quite a bit further along than where we walked. Apparently it is easier and closer to get to Governor's Beach from where the cruise ships dock, not from downtown. Next time! :)