Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh, the Irony

I learned something new today - I learned what a parsnip looks like!


I don't have a great familiarity with root vegetables beyond carrots and potatoes. Dan's expanded my knowledge to include beets and now I've cooked with parsnips. Yep, now I know that they look like a funny white carrot and they taste like a faintly-licorice-ish and bitter carrot (at least raw).

I made a nice, hearty venison stew with lots of lovely root vegetables. A meal that's great for winter, right? Totally!

Of course, the high today was mid-70s. I even had to turn the air conditioning on.

Oh well, at least the stew is really good, parsnips included!


  1. I love root vegetables! Have you tried jicama? I I mainly use parsnips in roast, stews, and I juice them too. I've made parsnip chips, those are great also.

    1. I haven't tried jicama. I'm pretty pleased with my parsnip expansion so I think adding more to my root vegetable education can only be a good thing!