Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Saga Continues


Well, apparently our dental issues with Gidget aren't done. She had stopped chattering her teeth in pain and progressed to a slow air-chewing expression of discomfort. But a few days after we got back from the cruise, she started pawing again. Nothing as severe as when this all started, but still. Pawing.

We went to our regular vet (the dentist is great, but I had a nagging fear that it wasn't tooth-related and honestly, if it wasn't I didn't expect the dentist to pick up on it) but the vet confirmed that she's all healthy. She suspected that the discomfort was coming from her top two molars, the only molars she has remaining, and recommended we have them removed.

Now Gidget has a dentist appointment scheduled for after Christmas to remove those two teeth. Naturally, as soon as I made the appointment, the pawing stopped (or has seemed to, at least). The air chewing has drastically reduced, too. But reduced is not stopped so I think things are still on schedule for another extraction.

I hope 2013 will be a pain-free dental year for Gidget! You know, if the world doesn't end tomorrow and all.


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