Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

You know, a month or so ago I actually caught myself writing 2010 on something as the date. But 13 has always been a good number for me so hopefully I can remember what year it is this year.

The past two years, I've made book-related goals. This year, I'm going to kind of skip that. Kinda. I still want to continue to read "real" books but I'll see how I can do without the pressure of a goal driving me and instead focus on reading some of my kitchen-related books. I've been skipping then because, while they would have counted for my "real" book goals, they weren't exactly going to be plot-driven reads or anything and some of them I want to use as a reference while doing some stocking up (because I am determined to buy more me-friendly knives this year) and that will take longer than just reading a book cover to cover.

And speaking of previous goals, Dan and I missed our 2012 savings goal by just under two grand. And that shortage can easily be explained by the unexpected (and rather expensive) dental needs Bitty and Gidget had this year. So even though it was technically another goal that we did not accomplish, I'm really pleased with what we did. We set the amount to be challenging (but not impossible) so to have gotten so close means we really did a good job. It's a nice feeling. For 2013, we won't be so hardcore - we've decreased our goal amount for savings a tad but mostly to adjust for the increased amount we can put in an IRA and to better save for future emergency issues. Thrilling, yes? Hitting that will be this year's saving's goal but honestly, it shouldn't be one we should have to work at much. (Hopefully those don't go down as famous last words.)

Other than that, I don't think I/we have any New Year's resolutions. I'd like to increase my upper body strength (never that good, horrible after all my shoulder issues) but that's something I've been working on the past month, so that's not exactly New Year related.

Oh, I'm wrong! I do have one more goal, and this one isn't as nebulous as the previous "read kitchen books" and "save money" goals. I want to knit! Specifically a pair of socks and a cabled or yoked sweater. I'm sure I'll get more than two knitting projects in over the next twelve months, but those are three things I really want to do. Socks because I have yet to knit any and I think I'll like doing them (given how much I enjoy doing gloves, mittens and the like) and a sweater because it's a big project (bigger than the sweater I'm making now even) and it's always nice to have a goal that can push you, you know?

I think that's it. Yay for goals!


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