Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Technical Issues are Still Tasty

Dan is dangerous to go grocery shopping with. When I go on my own, I do a strategic strike, going directly to the things on my list, grabbing them and leaving. When Dan and I go together, though, we meander through the aisle and end up with a fair number of random non-list things in our cart.

Our last Costco trip, for instance. We walked by some canned clams. Dan oohed and said he liked clam chowder. I said let's get it and I'll learn how to make chowder. So we did. And I did.


As you can see, for some reason, making clam chowder for the first time wasn't a big enough challenge. I decided I should make bread bowls, too. That didn't go as well as the chowder. The dough wasn't firm enough so the bowls-to-be kept spreading outwards, looking more like hamburger buns. Eventually, I decided to cook them like one does biscuits, setting them next to each other so they have to go up instead of out.

That worked, but it meant my bowls ended up looking more like large dinner rolls than any bread bowl I've seen. And not having the sides exposed meant they didn't form a hard crust so they weren't exactly water (or chowder) tight.

However, they certainly were tasty (as was the chowder)! Which is good because we did get the clams at Costco, which means I have another 51oz can. I'll be making this again.


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