Friday, July 12, 2013

Cute Kitties are Cute

The kitties are still enjoying our current hoarding of all the boxes we come across. They are going to completely adore the unpacking process. So many empty boxes!


Speaking of packing, I've been doing a handful of boxes every day for the past week or so. Today, though, was a super-productive day. I lost count after I packed up 12 boxes and that all happened before Dan was off work and able to help take care of a some things in the guest bedroom. Once he got involved, at least four more boxes were packed and we even took apart the guest bed!

We've still got a lot of stuff to pack, but most of our books, files, a good portion of our linens and most of the guest bedroom are all packed up. Barely a dent has been made in the kitchen though (I think we've packed one box of kitchen stuff). Hopefully this weekend we'll get to the china and some lesser used stuff. It's really amazing the amount of stuff we've accumulated in the past decade.

Also, the closing countdown I posted earlier might not be accurate anymore. The seller asked if we'd be willing to move closing up! Not sure by how much though. Financial paperwork could be where it needs to be early enough for closing to be a full week ahead of schedule, but the seller's realtor doesn't work on weekend (seriously) so I'm not sure if we've missed the window to make that happen. We shall see! And entertain ourselves during the wait by packing!


  1. Cute kitties! I see an Amazon box! I purchase more items than I care to admit through them. Since I'm an Amazon Prime member, most of the items I purchase are much cheaper than getting them in person and I usually get all my purchases within one day even though I don't (normally) request a special type of shipment.

    1. Amazon and Sephora are the two places that have made the UPS man know me well! :) I have stayed away from Amazon Prime, though. Too dangerous! I did the trail and used it way too much! Hehe!