Monday, July 29, 2013

Have You Seen The Scissors?

We have officially moved! It is amazing how much stuff we have - we were a bit insane to move it all ourselves. Lesson learned. The sheer quantity of stuff meant the move took two days - and there are still some things left at the old house. (Little things, though, like my plants and Dan's beer brewing stuff.)

The new house is lovely. Actually, it's really a big giant mess with boxes strewn everywhere but we are slowly making it home. And once it is home, it will be lovely! Sadly, the kitties are having to stay in the craft room so they don't get lost amongst the boxes, but fortunately the room is quite large so they aren't suffering much. They are just lonely. I keep hoping that we can let them out soon, but at the pace we are going it will likely be Wednesday or Thursday. Poor kitties.

Both Dan and I are fairly exhausted (and pretty dang bruised, too) even though we had great help during the move. It seems like we aren't making progress with the unpacking, but we are. We are, dammit! We even found all the proper plates and flatware such that we didn't have to eat out today at all! That's the first time in almost a week. We are so freaking tired of fast food - and even restaurant food has lost its luster. (Not that we are big eating out type folks anyway.)

Well, back to the coal mines. Or at least the boxes. I hope to be able to finish the kitchen tomorrow. I only have a couple of more kitchen boxes so it's totally doable! (How did we get so much stuff?)


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