Saturday, August 3, 2013

New House Happenings

Moving is such a beating. Sadly, it's a slow, drawn out beating. Dan and I have a super-long to-do list going (well, combo to do and to buy lists) and it seems like we mark one thing off just to put two in its place. Install the faucet? Check. Oh, but now it is leaking. Put on the list: go to the store, get an o-ring. Reinstall faucet.


On the plus side, we are totally on the downhill portion of the adventure. Super-colorful bruises are starting to fade (though magenta is still easily visible on my knee at least but the majority of our bruises are now green), 98% of the boxes are unpacked (and most of the unpacked things have new homes) and the kitchen is officially cook-able (which is fantastic because we have had way too many meals out lately. We are both sick of it.)

Unfortunately, we still have a fair number of things at the old house to deal with (a few things are still there (Christmas decorations, Dan's brewing stuff), we need to do some cosmetic touch ups and give it a thorough cleaning) as well as a few things at the new house (we need to find a dresser, install the stove hood and put together a bookshelf we got at Ikea). But most of these remaining bits will be further stretched out as Dan's time off of work ends day after tomorrow. Also, normal life things must resume. Like laundry and mowing.

Speaking of mowing...

Sock Line

That right there is Dan, post-mowing the yard. Can you tell why I listed both laundry and mowing together? The back yarn in particular is somewhat patchy and very dusty.

Also, we have almost an acre now yet poor Dan? Push mower. Happily, one of our neighbors came over to help mow. In fact, Dan said the neighbor got all of the front yard save some edging work and the least dusty part of the back yard. Did I mention that the neighbor has a commercial zero turn mower? Dan totally has mower envy. We do plan on getting a riding mower but I can tell you right now it won't be a commercial one. Though depending on how long Dan can wait to get a mower (i.e. until we sell our house) he might be able to get a zero turn model.

Anyway, I still have yet to send out my new address to folks, something I had hoped to get to earlier in the week. But moving is completely beating us up. For example, I'm not entirely sure what I've written in this post. But I've felt guilty about being unable to respond to emails and send an address update so this is my offering until life has less box-related insanity.


  1. Congratulations for moving in and life in the new place starting to begin! How exciting!! I'm excited for you to cook in the new kitchen :) Also excited for the kitties to come out soon! Or did they already? (I may have missed a post or two)

    Poor Dan. So dirty! I hope you were both laughing at that point :)

    1. Thank you - it is exciting! And the kitties are loving it, too! They sound so funny as they race around and their little feet slip on the laminate. And yes, there were plenty of giggles related to the coating of dirt Dan had on him post-mowing. And when I pulled the mowing clothes out of the dryer to find all the stains the dirt had left - it likes to hang around apparently!