Friday, August 9, 2013

I Nearly Forgot!

I had forgotten that I had a few pictures still on my camera SD card. Without further ado, I give you homeless Dan:

Bearded Dan

He is now clean-shaven (since he had to go back to work Monday) and I've almost gotten used to it - he looks so young without the beard!

In other news, the new neighborhood comes with lots of nature. Apparently there is a family of foxes around, two families of rabbits, three roadrunners and even a bobcat. We've seen the roadrunners in the yard (lots of times) and pictorial evidence of the bobcat (from a different part of the neighborhood) but the other beasties remain elusive. There are smaller, less exotic things that we've run into, though. Caterpillars (a ball of which managed to clog the spout of my watering pot - twice), hornets (or wasps - honestly, I get them confused but Dan's gotten stung on the foot and we've killed a few of them inside the house), really huge spiders and little lizards!

A New Neighbor

And speaking of wild beasties, Dan and I have added another one to the inside herd. Say hello to Olive.


The swollen, lumpy belly is not actually lactation-related as it may look. It's mastitis - inflamed (and slightly infected) mammary glands. When we found her, she was skinnier than she is now (as she's now had almost a full week of regular meals), infested with worms and her stomach was harder and even more swollen. As part of treatment, she's been dewormed, spayed and is on both pain killers and a two week cycle of antibiotics. Hopefully the stomach will be back to normal in another week or two. About which time we will see how she does interacting with the other kitties.

Yes, we are now back to seven. But it's all good - the new house is so much bigger, the concentration of kitties is much lower. We need to increase our numbers just so we can raise our chances of finding a kitty when we need one.


  1. Oh my, poor Olive. She's now among the luckiest kitties in the world, though, by getting you two as parents. She'll look like a different cat in a few weeks and a completely different one in 6 months!

    1. She's already looking lots better - she no longer looks so underweight (though even after a week of steady food, she's still on the thin side) and her inflammation is going down. Still lumpy but not so rigid!