Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Is That Smell?

Olive has graduated to supervised visits outside of her room! For the past two days she's had short trips out but today she's been out and about for about half of the day.

She's fairly unconcerned with the other kitties. She sometimes wants to sniff them and I think she tried to play with Chloe once (who was having none of that), but for the most part, she doesn't really pay them any mind. Most of the other kitties don't like her getting too close (then they like to hiss at her) but otherwise aren't all that interested anymore. Except for Bitty. Bitty has followed Olive around at least three times today alone just to chatter and hiss at her. It's actually pretty funny because Bitty is so tiny and yet so earnest. You can tell that this reaction greatly concerns Olive.


Or maybe not. Yes, most of her time outside of her room is focused on either following me around, lounging on the rug or viciously attacking something fuzzy or catnip filled.


Health-wise, she seems to be doing really well. Her stomach is still a little swollen and warm but it now qualifies as merely lumpy instead of shelf-like. She can even bend at her waist now, which is very helpful for bunny-kicking catnip sharks.


Once she finishes her antibiotic cycle, I'll take her to the normal vet to get all of her shots. (They couldn't be done before because she had a fever.) Speaking of antibiotics, I hope that is the reason for her current stench. It's not constant (thank goodness or she'd smoke us out) but she does have some pretty bad gas. I mean oh-dear-lord-save-us bad. I'm-tempted-to-air-out-the-house-in-100°-heat bad. It's bad. And yet, it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

Tuckered Out


  1. So pretty the kitty is!!

    1. I think she's pretty adorable myself! :) Too bad she smells to high heaven!

  2. Too funny! You need to get some catnip when you are here on Sat.! Maybe something stronger for yourself. :)