Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've officially hit the wall.

Today, we spent the morning packing up some then went over to the new house for the DSL install. Which took a lot longer than it should have. Which meant Dan didn't get to pull the cables for the house networking and speakers. Currently we are back at our (old?) home, packing more. Well, I'm taking a mental health break because this is what our kitchen looked like about thirty minutes ago.

It's kind of insane. Since that picture was taken, I've taken care of the under the sink stuff and the junk drawer while Dan has barreled through our daily use glasses and plates and is now working on my teacups.

I, however, have hit the portion of the program where I am so amazingly overwhelmed that I have to walk away for a bit. At this time, alcohol is usually imbibed. (Fortunately, the booze has not been packed.)

Now that I have distracted myself with blogging, though, I can go once more unto the breach... at least for a couple of boxes. I'm also thinking it is a good time to get the Malibu rum out.


  1. Hey, that really looks great. I'll send you a pick of an AL move that isn't nearly so great. :) And, you know what I'm talking about. Of course, that move is still a week+ out and your's is TOMORROW! Yipes! Nah, it's fine - see y'all in the morning with our work clothes on! LU.

    1. It's looking better now but things have ground to a halt as we ran out of tape. Dan's doing a tape run and then we'll get going again. Almost all the cabinets are empty now! (My pans and some teacups remain. Oh, and the booze.)